Úspory 2013/04/08

How does a smart house help you make savings?

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A lot has been said about the savings brought about by smart house systems. Where do the savings come from, aren't the building automation systems using electricity to run? A house with a system like that should use up more energy than a standard building!

The answer is simple: savings brought about by a smart house come from more effective water and energy management. The savings resulting from system features are greater than the energy consumed by the system modules.

Savings resulting from integration

In every home, most energy is used by heating, air-conditioning, lighting and ventilation systems. In each of these areas, a smart system can help you limit energy’s spending by introducing efficient controls. For example, smart house system allows you to accurately adjust the temperature in individual rooms, making changes depending on the day of the week and time of day. By decreasing the room temperature by 2-3 degrees for certain periods of time you will notice significant change in your energy consumption.

Some might say, that already there are heating or air-conditioning controllers available that serve similar function. They will be right. The difference is, that the smart house allows for full integration of all available systems and sensors available, allowing for more optimal scenarios to be created, bringing about savings on a scale that is practically impossible to achieve using standard heating or air-conditioning controllers.

When your smart house system has control over not only your heating systems but also over air-conditioning, recuperator and blinds, you only need to create rules, for the systems to start cooperating. For example, when you leave the house, GRENTON System will decrease the ambient temperature all around the buildings and after some time will also decrease the air flow, turning the ventilation system only for short periods of time. It will also turn off all electric devices that do not need to be on when you are absent (such as Wi-Fi routers or TV sets in "stand by" mode). Sometime before you return, GRENTON will automatically return your home to the previous state, so that it is warm and cosy when you enter.

Only smart systems allow for full integration of all of your building's systems

More efficient lighting

Heating and air-conditioning are but a single area where you can save money. Additional savings come from lighting systems management. By employing smart dimmers, that significantly affect the energy usage of your halogen lamps and allow for the lights to be turned off in rooms nobody is in, you can save quite a lot.

Smart external window blind control

What about external blinds? Even the best windows do not offer the same degree of thermal insulation as walls do, so closing the blinds will translate into reducing heat loss, especially when a cold wind blows outside. Of course, no one like to sit in their living room with all the blinds closed. This is where a smart house system shows another of its benefits! GRENTON can check if there are people in the room and automatically close the blinds in rooms nobody has been in for some time.

The examples above show only a few of the available features. There are many more scenarios that you can create! You will surely come up with other ways to save energy - GRENTON System will help you make those ideas a reality with just a few clicks.