Pohodlie 2013/04/16


Lampy LED RGB w salonie oświetlenie wyłącznik żarówka sterowanie

The time when your living room was illuminated by a single bulb are long gone. In modern houses we install more and more light sources that not only illuminate the interiors, but also serve a decorative purpose. In a time when pretty much everyone has a smartphone and our cars are full of electronics, a simple light switch, is quite primitive, even if it… works pretty well. What if you could make the lighting system a bit smarter? Below you will find a number of examples, of how modern tools can completely change your idea of how illumination works like. Smart house systems allow you to get much more out of your lamps, making your home more comfortable and luxurious!

Lighting scenes

Lighting scenes control is one of the most basic applications of smart house systems. Thanks to the ability to control each lamp individually and adjust their brightness, with a single flip of a switch you will be able to set the illumination to meet your needs exactly. You want to watch a film? By turning on the "cinema" scene you will turn the lamps on the ceiling and behind your TV off, while the side lamps will become dimmed. Of course, the way any individual lighting scene looks and works is completely up to you. What's more, you can create a number of such scenarios for every room and freely switch them.

Lighting scenes can be also turned on using a smartphone or a TV remote. You do not need to get up and go for the switch, all you need is a single press of a button.

Illumination perfectly resembling natural light

Scientists discovered, that our bodies work best, when our home and office illumination is as close as possible to sunlight. In nature, the colour of light changes constantly during the day. Cold light in the morning gives you energy to start the day. Warm, cosy light in the evening relaxes you and allows you to calm down after a hard day. Why not use LED RGB lamps to simulate this natural shift in accordance with the day cycle? Smart house systems, thanks to the ability to accurately control the colour of light will be perfect for that.

Smooth turning on

When you flip the switch, the bulb goes to full power immediately. We are all used to it to a point where it does not bother us anymore. Our eyes will feel better, however, if the light turns on gradually. By using smart dimmers you can achieve the "soft start" effect, allowing the lamp to light up gradually. The tempo of intensity increase is up to you. If you want the lamp to go to full power almost instantly, you can set the time to half a second. If you want a smoother effect, set the time to a second or two.

Bright light in the evening, subtle lighting at night.

There is nothing worse than the bright light of a lamp blinding you in the middle of the night. However, nobody wants to go to the toilet in the complete darkness. Smart house has a smart solution to that problem. What would you say to lamp that light up at full power in the evening, but when you turn them on in the middle of the night, they offer only minimal illumination, exactly as much as you need to get from one room to another without getting blinded? By using the scheduling feature, GRENTON System allows you to easily set up maximum light intensity depending on the time of night or day.

Gentle wake up

Nobody likes sharp tones of an alarm clock waking them up early in the morning. There is nothing weird about it. Without going into details concerning phases of REM sleep, by waking up suddenly you get up tired and annoyed. There is a solution to that, however, by subtle and slowly changing the ambient light in your bedroom a couple of minutes before the alarm clock turns on, the reaction to the sound of the alarm will not be as extreme. You will get up less sleepy and start off your day on the right foot.